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Governing Documents

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Pine Valley Property Owners Association, Inc.
Governing Documents
BYLAWS: What are Bylaws?
The bylaws of a corporation set forth various procedures affecting the governance of the corporation. Bylaws may contain any provision relating to the business of the corporation, the conduct of its affairs, or the rights or powers of its members, directors, officers or employees, so long as the provision is lawful and consistent with the certificate of incorporation.
Generally, the bylaws set forth the responsibilities of the directors and officers, the number or range of numbers of directors, the manner of calling meetings of the members and directors (including the required notice), the maintenance of corporate records, the issuance of reports to members, voting and proxy procedures and other general corporate matters.

Covenants & Restrictions: What are Covenants? 
Covenants are a type of deed restriction which regulates a group of new and existing homes or building lots used to preserve a development or subdivision as a model community and control its use and appearance. Restrictions give a development a more standard appearance because they control some of the activities that take place within its boundaries.
Pine Valley Covenants "run with the land" and are enforceable on subsequent buyers of the property.

Pine Valley Collection Policy
The Pine Valley collection policy is an amendment of the Pine Valley Covenants detailing the process for collecting delinquent assessments.
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Amended Collection Policy - 2012
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Amended Collection Policy - 2015
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General Rules and Regulations
The Pine Valley Bylaws bestow the Board of Directors with powers of amending or supplementing the Pine Valley Covenants. The current rules and regulations are binding on all Pine Valley members.
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